Mission and Goals

Feed Our Children Ministries is committed to being a source of support to economically disadvantaged children and their families, the homeless, and the elderly.

Vision Statement

  • To equip each individual we contact with the tools necessary in realizing their unlimited potentials.
  • To leave no one hungry physically or spiritually.
  • To enable each one we serve with the ability to serve someone else in need.

Short Term Goal

Restore the Family.

Long Term Goals

  • The families that we service can return back to the community and provide assistance to other families in need.
  • Acquire a homeless shelter and be able to service more families with our products and services.
  • Providing food shelter for orphans in third world countries as well as other services.
  • Our strategy for the future development is to remain active in the community with enough flexibility to adapt to the community and their needs.

No Cost, and No Strings Attached

The food is given to the people at no cost to them. Further, the purpose of the food program is to feed the poor, not to grow our church.

Type of Food

The food generally consists of fresh produce, cereals, breads, packaged goods, juices, canned goods, snacks, chips, candies, etc. The food boxes (usually a combination of boxes and bags) normally contain between 30-50 pounds of these food items.

A Community Service

Besides the "word of mouth" grapevine, people are sent to us by Social Services, the Citizen Center, child care groups and several other public agencies. We have been able to help members of just about every other church in the community.

Dynamics of Distribution

We offer an "on call" program for "emergency food" situations. We post the phone numbers for people to call when there is an urgent need through flyers, newspapers, and the radio. We will make arrangements for the families in need that contact us for delivery of the food to the home.

Love and Respect in Action

Privacy and dignity is a priority for our Trust. We strive at all times to ensure that everyone we serve receive the type of care that reminds them that we are all Children of God.